When you visit ISIS Spa, you will go on a trip to seven thousand years ago to live the atmosphere of the pharaonic steam bath and royal massage with natural herbs and pharaonic mixtures To learn the secrets of Cleopatra's beauty and how she took care of her body and skin, she will move to the highest levels of mental clarity and psychological and physical comfort at ISIS Spa

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pharaonic steam bath
Cleopatra's royal bath
Many types of massage
natural herbal masks
Peeling skin
Pedicure and manicure
Royal Steam
Egyptian Bath
Egyptian Bath
Royal Steam

special treatments to relax your mind soul and body

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We have a team of professionals in the work of the pharaonic steam bath, royal massage sessions and natural herbs, so that they were chosen with great care and trained in the ancient pharaonic secrets so that you can enjoy the ancient Pharaonic royal atmosphere as you are one of the kings of the ancient pharaohs


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